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Frequent Questions

How do I Start the Home Buying Process?

There's two simple steps to start the homebuying process. 

1) Select a Realtor to work with. Call or text 310-991-3946.

2) Get prequalified for a loan. Click here to get started.

Prequalification simply means a lender will look at your finances and determine how much home you can afford. It's free and the lender will guide you through all the steps!

Can I afford this home?

It depends on your finances, prequalification, and current interest rates!
The most important step to finding out is getting prequalified!

"At a 7.00% fixed interest rate, your monthly mortgage payment on a 30-year mortgage might total $3,659 a month." -Finder.com

What if I need to sell to purchase?

There's many ways to buy & sell homes at the same time. Consult with a Realtor for what options works best for you.

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